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Composer for film, games, audio books and more. I also compose orchestral/choir/ambient music inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft.

My work as been performed by the Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra, the Washington Symphony Orchestraand has also featured in films, games, trailers, and audio books.

Recent Credits
Lucinda (Original Score) - Short horror film - winner of 'Best Narrative Short' at the LA Film Awards 
The Hashish Eater and Other Poems - by Clark Ashton Smith - 68 minute CD - fully scored readings of Smiths poetry.
Arthur & Merlin - Fantasy Feature Film (Original Score)
Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems - 70 minute CD, 50 tracks, fully scored readings of H.P. Lovecraft's work.
The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft - 15 track orchestral music album
Tales from the Necronomicon - 9 track orchestral music album
Royalty Free Music

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Recent Updates

CultiStorm - Cosmic Horror Card Game
A new Lovecraft inspired cooperative card game is coming to Kickstarter soon. Cultistorm - and I'll be writing the music album that accompanies the game. It's a physical card game, and included in the box will be a story anthology and a full album of new music written especially for the game as ambiance. http://cultistorm.com/


Castle Burn - The Crown League

Provided all the music for this great fantasy multiplayer game - 

Tales from the Necronomicon (Full Album)
My latest H.P. Lovecraft orchestral horror album is now available on


YouTube Channel
For the latest tracks, be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Royalty Free Music
I have a selection of my music available for any project, royalty free.

You can see my portfolio on the Envato Market - AudioJungle

The Horror of HP Lovecraft - Album
What's better than one collection of Lovecraftian music full of eldritch horror and strangeness? Two collections - The 'Fungi from Yuggoth' CD is available here, but now available is my 15 horror track collection:

'The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft'


HP Lovecraft's Fungi From Yuggoth and Other Poems
A Lovecraftian CD of eldritch horror and strangeness is now available.

'Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems' is the result of a collaboration with the superb publisher Fedogan & Bremer, Will Hart, and myself. 

Order the CD here:

A fully scored 70 minute CD of all 36 Yuggoth sonnets, and 12 other carefully selected poems by Lovecraft. 12 page booklet, with notes by S.T. Joshi, and the cover art by the late and incredible Jon Arfstom.


Arthur & Merlin Score Review
Honored to have had my film score Arthur & Merlin reviewed over on Soundtrack Geek!

Why not check out the review...click the image.

Soundtrack Geek

Score is available on: 

H.P. Lovecraft's 'The Hound' - audio book released
The first release of my collaboration with voice-over artist William Hart on H.P. Lovecraft's 'The Hound' is now available here:


Coming in early 2016, The Fungi from Yuggoth and Other Poems, published by Fedogan and Bremer.

Arthur & Merlin Soundtrack Full Release
It's officially released. Arthur & Merlin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out now on iTunes and Amazon.

You can grab it here:



"Graham composed the music for my short film ‘Ambrose’, which completed the festival circuit in 2012. I got him involved very early in the post-production process and without any cut to show him. He took the script and within twenty-four hours he had composed several beds of music that played throughout the film and fit perfectly. It is rare a composer captures the mood and tone of a piece exactly at the first attempt, but even rarer given he hadn't seen the footage! Thoroughly professional and a joy to work with, I hope to give Graham plenty more work going forward. Highly recommended."
 - Gavin Butler, Director of 'Ambrose'

"...Graham Plowman not only composes evocative, exciting music, but knows how to produce scintillating and thoroughly professional recordings of his work..."
 - Randy Bowser, composer of "Dorian - The Remarkable Mister Gray"

"Graham's compositions and sounds are more than a step above the rest, they are a giant leap. The detail and realism in the tracks he produces always goes far beyond our expectations."
 - Chazz Hill-Hayr, Booktrack

"When we asked Graham to write a score for a short movie we'd created we were blown away by the results. He was able to work within the limited timeframe we afforded him and still managed to exceed our expectations. His score was the final piece in bringing our movie to life. A fantastic job by a truly creative talent."
 - Ed Hickey, Writer/Director of Clone Wars