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27th October 2015

Delighted to announce that one of my tracks will be used in the upcoming TEDxESA event in the Netherlands, on November 11th. The track is called Beyond the Stars.


"Graham composed the music for my short film ‘Ambrose’, which completed the festival circuit in 2012. I got him involved very early in the post-production process and without any cut to show him. He took the script and within twenty-four hours he had composed several beds of music that played throughout the film and fit perfectly. It is rare a composer captures the mood and tone of a piece exactly at the first attempt, but even rarer given he hadn't seen the footage! Thoroughly professional and a joy to work with, I hope to give Graham plenty more work going forward. Highly recommended."

- Gavin Butler, Director of 'Ambrose'

"...Graham Plowman not only composes evocative, exciting music, but knows how to produce scintillating and thoroughly professional recordings of his work..."

- Randy Bowser, composer of "Dorian - The Remarkable Mister Gray"

"Graham's compositions and sounds are more than a step above the rest, they are a giant leap. The detail and realism in the tracks he produces always goes far beyond our expectations."

- Chazz Hill-Hayr, Booktrack

"When we asked Graham to write a score for a short movie we'd created we were blown away by the results. He was able to work within the limited timeframe we afforded him and still managed to exceed our expectations. His score was the final piece in bringing our movie to life. A fantastic job by a truly creative talent."

- Ed Hickey, Writer/Director of Clone Wars


8th September 2015

The feature I scored, Arthur & Merlin is on iTunes and DVD release! iTunes available 14th of September.

DVD available the 21st of September.

iTunes - Arthur & Merlin

Amazon - Arthur & Merlin

4th September 2015

A HP Lovecraft fan? I've been hired to underscore a reading of Lovecraft's poems 'Fungi from Yuggoth'. A series of 36 sonnets written by Lovecraft. News on when it'll be published and released to come.

(Not actual art)

22nd June 2015

Time to share some of the soundtrack work I did on the feature film, Arthur & Merlin.

20th April 2015

The whirlwind is over, and the film Arthur & Merlin (the feature I've scored) is available right now for online streaming on their site.

You can watch the trailer, and then the full film for less than the price of a cup of coffee. A fabulous deal!

Arthur & Merlin

31st March 2015

Arthur & Merlin (the feature I've scored) will be shown this weekend at the great Hobbitcon in Germany. Check it out:


21st March 2015

The trailer for Arthur & Merlin is available.

15th February 2015

I have 30 cues written and complete for the film Arthur & Merlin. Still a couple more to do...but almost hitting an hour of music complete now.

16th January 2015

Not had any new music to share as I've been working solely on the film score for 'Arthur & Merlin' since December. It's going well with nearly a half an hour of music written and produced. Can't share anything yet, but the teaser for the film is coming very soon...

20th October 2014

The feature film 'Arthur & Merlin' (formally known as 'Myrrdin') is due next year.

You can keep up to date on its progress by visiting the site and following by social media:

Official Website



6th October 2014

As Halloween fast approaches, why not settle down to read (and listen) to some classic horror tales on Booktrack. These are ebooks you read that are enhanced with sound effects and a complete musical score. (Chrome or Firefox required)

Here's a list of the horror stories I've scored:

Re-Animator (HP Lovecraft)

The Terrible Old Man (HP Lovecraft)

Dagon (HP Lovecraft)

The Tell Tale Heard (Edgar Allan Poe)

4th September 2014

Just finished the second of my darker style piano and strings tracks. Dead of Night, and A Long Dark Road both have a strong film score sound.

13th July 2014

Cthulhu shall rise!

Cthulhu Rising is a horror piece I wrote a few years ago. Orchestra and choir music inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft.

Delighted to announce that this piece will be performed live on October 11th by the Washington Symphony. I've just finished the full score.

22 June 2014

Written for the Women's US Open and to be played at the pops concert in Pinehurst by the Carolina Philharmonic, my piece 'Driving Ambition' premiered on the 21st June.

Driving Ambition

5th May 2014

Full performance score for 'Flight of Adventure' is complete. 5 days to the live premier. Playing at Pinehurst by the Carolina Philharmonic.

14th April 2014

5 track sketches are now available in one video to listen to for my Lord of the Rings inspired film score for 'Myrrdin'. The video is annotated with my notes on each piece including tonal choices and other information.

9th April 2014

My new album 'Staring at the Sun' is now available for download.

Currently on:

More options to come. You can also stream it from Bandcamp.

6th February 2014

Updated my blog where I go through a tutorial on sequencing a Brass Section, using the Back to the Future theme as an example. Check it out here.

21st January 2014

It's the new year, and work continues on the film score, as well as having produced a few tracks for a game development project.

I've been asked to help with the production of a game demo being made here in Ireland, and am always delighted to help.

I can't share any specific details yet, but here's a track I created for the early build, which is still in progress.

21st November 2013

I've been studying the music of The Lord of the Rings for a long time now. But I only recently discovered the book The Music of The Lord of the Rings by Doug Adams.

I highly recommend it as it explains the much of the thought process Howard Shore used in composing the themes, how they are linked together throughout the films, and gives the notation for all the themes as well as some short score excerpts.

The book itself is beautiful. Hard backed, the page quality and printing is sublime. LotR sketches by Alan Lee and John Howe feature throughout, and the book comes with a rarities CD with recordings never heard on the film score. Including mock ups and alternative takes and variations.

Doug Adams' blog is here:

The Music of The Lord of the Rings

3rd October 2013

Meeting the crew of the movie 'Myrrdin' for our first production meeting. Exciting times. Below is the teaser prologue I scored for the film.

12th September 2013

I'm now an 'Approved Composer' with Booktrack. Below is a collection of booktracks that I've scored.

Booktrack has created a new genre of digital storytelling entertainment. The patented technology lets anyone add a synchronized movie-style soundtrack—including music, ambient audio and sound effects—to an e-Book or other digital text content, with the audio paced to each individual’s reading speed. This innovative platform enables users to create and share stories—on a mobile or tablet—in a unique and exciting way, transforming the “written” word.

For more information, click the image to go to the Booktrack site.

8th September 2013

My complete soundtrack to Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book is now available on Bandcamp.

22nd August 2013

The first teaser for 'Myrrdin' is now available on their site. It was fully scored by me and is laying down the tone and style to come for the feature films.

20th August 2013

I've been hired to score two planned feature films. The project, working title 'Myrrdin', is about the Celtic roots legends of King Arthur and Merlin. A huge inspiration for JRR Tolkien.

Current plan is two features shot back to back starting filming next year. I've been brought in early to look at concepts, and start planning the music tone and moods.

The overall concept for the music will be quite like Howard Shore's 'Lord of the Rings' score.

I've just finished scoring the teaser promotional video for them, in the style that will be carried forward to the films. I'll post that very soon.

7th July 2013

'Flight of Adventure' is for full orchestra. Inspired by the work of John Williams, this is a light adventure theme. Now work begins on creating the score for the Carolina Philharmonic.

25th June 2013

New Legend of Erthia tracks have been added to the Music Page. City of Etherberg, Sacred Isle, and Grasslands.

15th June 2013

'Pops on the Green' - June 15th, 8PM, marked the concert date and time where my orchestral piece 'Beyond the Stars' had its premiere, played by the wonderful Carolina Philharmonic. My piece is in illustrious company with the likes of Star Wars, James Bond (a 3 song medley arranged by me), The Mission, Jurassic Park, West Side Story, and many more.

10th May 2013

Very excited to announce that my piece 'Beyond the Stars' will have its premiere in June, played by the wonderful Carolina Philharmonic. Want to extend my heartfelt thanks to them, and to David Wolff for choosing it and helping me prepare the score for his players.

7th May 2013

Booktrack's release of HP Lovecraft's Herbert West - Reanimator is now live on the Booktrack Bookshelf App for iPhone and iPad.

29th April 2013

Legend of Erthia is a classic style roleplaying game based on both Might & Magic and the Ultima series of games. Delighted to be composing various tracks for the game.

12th April 2013

HP Lovecraft's Herbert West - Reanimator soundtrack to the short story is complete and sent for review.

27th Jan 2013

The feature film Noobz has been released. Available on iTunes and DVD. The producers needed music for many scenes throughout the film, songs, as well as a few classical pieces for three scenes. The Desktop Orchestra performed sections of Mozart's Violin Concert No. 5, 2nd Movement, Beethoven's 9th Symphony, 2nd Movement, and Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra.

15th January 2013

Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart soundtrack is complete and the story is now available on Booktrack.

10th Jan 2013

My original HP Lovecraft's: The Call of Cthulhu soundtrack is available on both Bandcamp and iTunes. You can also hear the music on my Original Music page.